Reputation and Integrity

I ran across a nice quote earlier today and thought I’d share it..

“Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.” – Ryan Freitas

Perhaps you know who Ryan Frietas is. I didn’t have a clue. According to Google he has started a few successful internet companies. But, that’s not important, and who said it isn’t important, except to give proper attribution.

What is important, though, is what he said. Another similar quote is that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and 15 minutes to lose it. I don’t know who said that one, but I like it. Our company really does take the philosophy of Win Win deals and applies it to our lives. We aren’t going to get into a deal if it is a Lose for us, but we also don’t want to get into a deal if it can’t be a Win for you. This might be a specific price that you are wanting to get, or it might be terms, such as closing date, how and when you are paid, or a whole host of other things. Contact us and we’ll do what we can to find a Win-Win solution!